What is energy?

Everything in this universe is energy. Energy is a force and it is very powerful. We cannot measure or see energy directly but we can measure the effects of the energy.

Every experience is an energy transition. A little example of an energy movement excersize is shaking hands. This is a form of energy transmission. 

Try shaking your hands now. yesno

We all have energy bodies like our physical bodies. 

Our thoughts and emotions are energy movements in our energy bodies. 

We can feel these energy movements in our energy bodies and transform them. 

Our feelings and our thoughts are sometimes in flow, sometimes fixed and sometimes blocked in our energy bodies. When these energies are moving in even flow we are happy with our lives, healthy, content, peaceful, creative, joyful and everything is going well in our lives. 

When we are not feeling so great we can transform irritable emotions to positive ones with ease. As our irritable, negative emotions and thoughts transform into positive ones our reaction and responses to events in our own individual life also transform and heal.