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> Emotrance (Emotinal Transformation) Energy Therapy

Emotrance is the newest, advanced and very practical energy healing technique to practice to live a healthy, happy, in flow, joyful, in peace and feeling better life.

During Emotrance Therapy Sessions you are transforming your negative emotions into positive ones. *To get the most benefit out of Emotrance, I reccomend you to have 3 sessions.

During the session we are identifying the blocks within your energy body which you identify yourself with the help of the Emotrance practitioner. You are shown in an easy and gentel way how tomove these energy through your body to create even flow.

You are activating your healing energy with your breath, your senses and your thinking to experience your own healing.

One of the many benefits of the session is healing unhealthy energy blockages causing sadness, anger, grief, unhappiness and loneliness.

> Angelic Guidance

Merve works with the power of Angels and Ascendant Masters to help you open your life to more miracles.

With the use of angel cards you will receive your own protection and healing. You will also activate your inner power which will further strengthen the messages you receive about your life’s mission and goals. You will be picking the cards yourself and you will be meditating on angel cards that you have chosen in your transformational healing session.

One of the many benefits of the session is healing unhealthy attachments causing sadness, anger, grief, unhappiness and loneliness

> Coaching in Creating and Living Your Life, Relationship and Communication Coaching

Life Coaching is a professional training for you to find balance in every area of your life and achieve all your personal goals.

Life Coaching’s goal is to raise your awareness to find affective solutions that you have never realized before. Life Coaching helps you come out from the situation that you are indecisive, stuck and not feeling happy. *To get the most benefit out of Coaching, I reccomend you to have 7 sessions.

During your coaching session you work with different techniques that make you gain new viewpoints. Throughout the session you generate new strategies and make action plans that will take you from the point where you are right now to your happy arriving point. By practicing coaching you realize and activate your various powers and aspects. Through coaching you start to have quality relationships in your personal, social and business life. You start to express yourself more clearly. As you find new viewpoints and generate new strategies your communication with the world around you becomes more compassionate and strong. Coaching helps you uplift your life force energy so you start enjoying your life more. As you use your unique talents more naturally your life becomes more efficient and happy.

> NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming)

NLP is made of various techniques that are helping us reprogram our thinking, speaking, and behaving in a positive way. Applying NLP helps us to use our way of thinking, speaking and behaving more efficiently. We can say that NLP is the positive change process in our brain’s software.

We are applying NLP techniques depending on your wants, desires and goals at that moment. You are having positive transformations in your thinking, speaking and behaving.

Some of the benefits that you will get from the session are:

• Solving the blockages that are causing fear, worry and loneliness
• İmproving your communication skill
• İmproving your relationships
• Exploring your skills and your talents
• İncreasing your self-confidence
• Helps you living a more joyful and loving life
• İmproves your thinking capacity, helping you improve on your thinking in your life
• You identify a lifestyle change