When you are actively working on your own personal development you learn and understand yourself better, deal with events better, understand past experiences better, take on the learning and create a better new life for your self. Our memories are powerful tools we can use to help to transform any sad moment into happy and joyful experiences.


> Meditation and Emotrance Workshop

In our workshop we meet in a healing circle and we celebrate our life, ourselves and each other. We are doing peaceful, relaxing and energizing exercises. Through meditation and sharing we are activating and moving our energies in a positive way. We are creating and bringing in a lot of light. This healing circle helps us to love more our positive selves and heal and transform any negative aspect of our selves. We are refining, refreshing and empowering ourselves and each other. We are calling in more creativity into our life to activate the great potential within us. We use Crystals, Gods and Godesses healing powers during the workshop.

Throughout the workshop we are working with the world’s newest and most practical energy technique, Emotrance. You identify your feelings in your energy body with your 6th sense. You are activating your healing energy with your breath, your senses and your thinking to experience your own healing.

For information and reservations please call: +90 532 691 92 93

> Positive Affirmation Workshop

You raise your awareness and start using your positive thinking ability by attending to the Positive Affirmation Workshop. You learn to create your own life by using positive affirmation technique in different modalities. You start experiencing more miracles in your life.

For information and reservations please call: +90 532 691 92 93


> The Art of Creating and Living Your Life

In 5 weeks you will be configuring your life by assimilating your full potential.
This is a workshop where you will be healing your past and creating your magical future peacefully living in now.

In this workshop, we will be working with many different energy healing techniques to put your whole mind body spirit together.

Dates of The Art of Creating and Living Your Life:
2-9-16-23-30 September 

Our training last for 5 weeks. 
We meet every Wednesday from 7pm to 10pm 


> Energy In Motion Master Practitoner International Certificate Training

This 3 days training will give you a Master Certification. During the 3 days training you will learn about how to create ‘even flow’ within your energy system.

This is a practical and experiential certification that involves you working in pairs and in groups. You will be working through various healing modalities that help you to release emotional pain in your body. You learn to apply Emotrance in various areas and events in your life. You transform many unwanted emotions into positive ones. This is something that you can use everyday in your daily life.

If you like to attend or organize an Emotrance Masters Practitioner İnternational Certificate Training Please contact Merve.

Date: Friday-Sunday

26-27-28 June 2015

28-29-30 August 2015

23-24-25 October 2015

16-17-18 December 2015

25-26-27 March 2016

Place: Cevdetpaşa Caddesi Günaydın Çıkmazı, Günaydın Apt. B2 Blok Daire 12, Bebek İstanbul
Time: 10:00 -17:00

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