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Merve Tüfekçi

Designing Own Life and Life Coaching, Relationship and Communication Coaching

Coaching is a professional practice with the purpose of finding balance in all areas of your life, relationships and communication, realizing your personal goals and revealing your individual strength.


The aim of the coaching sessions is to get you out of the point where you are indecisive or unhappy, by finding the effective solutions that you did not notice before.


What are we doing during the sessions?

In coaching sessions, you practice with different techniques and thanks to them, you gain new perspectives. Throughout the session, you develop various strategies and make action plans to reach the point which will make you happy, by leaving the one where you are now.


By attending a coaching session, you take action by revealing your strengths and characteristics that you are not aware of or have not considered until now, and you chase a new and effective direction for your life. Your relationships eventually become healthier, balanced, effective and satisfying, and you will strengthen your communication skills. By starting to express yourself more clearly, you increase your life energy, enjoy your life and become more effective.


*I advise you to have 7 sessions to get transformational benefits from Coaching practice.