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Merve Tüfekçi

The Art of Living and Designing Own Life Training Seminar

The aim of the seminar is to make you embrace your full potential and structure your life after your own heart by joining up the dots; to improve the bonds with your past; determine your mission and goals in life by being healthy, peaceful, pleased, safe and efficient, and by noticing, loving, activating and improving your unique skills and characteristics; to support you to take action on the way to your dreams easily and pleasantly; to empower and strengthen you with love; and finally, to make you experience multidimensional transformations in mental, physical and spiritual dimensions.


In our seminar, we use Quantum Affirmation Techniques, Positive Mind Restructuring Methods, Healing Emotions with Energy Healing and Spiritual Development Methods, Meditation and Breathing Techniques. Our aim is to make you realize and develop your authentic innate skills, aspects and characteristics, and start using them more efficiently than before.


The Art of Living and Designing Own Life Training Seminar Content:

1. Week

What is Healing? What do I want to heal? I get better with healing

2. Week

What is holding me back? I destroy the obstacles that I set for myself and constantly encounter.

3. Week

The Art of Designing Own Life I am a Superstar. What are my mission and vision in life?

4. Week

Chakras and Feeding the Chakras I stay in balance with inner Me.

5. Week

The Art of Living I am happy with myself now and creating my ideal future.