Çengilli Mahallesi, Çengilli Cad. No:7, 34980 Şile/İstanbul

Merve Tüfekçi

Breathing Therapy

Together, we inhale and exhale consciously to open your life up to more miracles by practicing breathing more efficiently. Thus we heal both our conscious and subconscious minds as needed.


Healthy living starts with breath awareness. Breath means life. As we breath consciously and mindfully, we transform ourselves, develop and heal. As we become aware of our breath, as we breathe in and out consciously, our life gets better and our world transforms. Bloom with breath awareness…


What are we doing during the sessions?

During the session, you inhale and exhale consciously. You are all focused on breathing. You may yawn, shed tears, laugh and cry if you feel like it. As you breathe in and out consciously, you will be purified from your emotional toxins, relaxed and settled.


When you get rid of your toxins and ease up, you start getting better in your life and experience miracles beyond your dreams. You improve yourself spiritually, physically and mentally.