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Merve Tüfekçi

Emotrance (Emotional Transformation) Energy Therapy

Emotrance is the brand-new, most advanced and most easily applicable energy method to live a healthy, happy, fluent, pleasant, creative, peaceful and well-feeling life.


In the Emotrance Energy Therapy session, you transform unwelcomed emotions, emotional pain (blocked and stagnant energy) into positive emotions that make you feel good and happy. As you practice Emotrance, you increase the energy levels of positive emotions that you already have, thus your cognition and self-confidence, and become a positive person feeling healthy, happy, successful and much better.


*I advise you to have 3 sessions to get transformational benefits from Emotrance practice.


What are we doing during the sessions?


You detect the blocked and stagnant energy in your energy body and activate it easily and gently to create an even flow within your body. By activating your healing energy, breathing, intuition and positive thinking power, you allow yourself to heal with your own experience. One of the many benefits you will get during the session will be to reveal your individual strength and experience spiritual healing by overcoming your energy blockages that cause unhappiness, anger, sadness, grief, anxiety and loneliness.