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Merve Tüfekçi


Merve is a Healer, Energy Mentor, Professional Life Coach, Personal and Spiritual Development Specialist and Herbal Farming Consultant who practices personal and spiritual development, life coaching, relationship and communication coaching, NLP, art of designing own life, meditation, dancing, breathing techniques, affirmation techniques, emotional transformation, methods of transforming body energy and various universal healing methods during her trainings and courses.


Merve has been working with the Master Healer Instructor; Toks Beverley Coker with Hands of Light since 2010, doing healing sessions, workshops and trainings with her.




She is an International Emotrance (Emotional Transformation) Master Practitioner of The AMT association, a Meridian and Energy Therapies Instructor, and a member of The AMT association. She received her education in England by Silvia Hartmann.



She is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified Professional Life Coach and Relationship Coach.



Besides, she is an Advanced Spiritual Counselor, Angel Coach. She received her training and certification by Beki İkala Erikli, the author of the book “Living with Angels”.



She is a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner. She received her certification from Sola Unitas Academy.


She is a Universal Healing Tao Instructor.

She teaches Inner Smile, 6 Healing Sounds, Iron Shirt and Microcosmic Orbit. She received her education and certificate from Grand Master Mantak Chia in Thailand.



She is a Tao Healing Hands Practitioner, who is certified from the Master Sha Tao Academy.

She received her education from Master Sha.




Merve was born in 1986 in Istanbul. After graduating from Italian High School, she completed 2 years of her education in the Design and Business Department at Parsons The New School for Design University in Paris and 2 years in New York. Then she completed her Master’s degree in Brand Management at Marangoni University in London for 1 year.


After turning back to Istanbul in 2011, she worked in the Corporate Communications, Sales and Marketing, Customer Services and Financial Affairs departments of Soyak Holding.


Merve has been working on personal and spiritual development for many years and receiving trainings related to that. She wanted to be where she expresses herself best and do what she loves to. Now, she continues her career as a Professional Coach, Personal Development Consultant and Energy Instructor and Herbal Farming Consultant and Practitioner since 2015. Merve also practices healing art and designs healing candles.


She is married and has a son.


Organic nutrition is very important in order to maintain our holistic health by balancing our spiritual, physical and mental health.

Inspired by this fact, Merve established Healing Farm in Sile, Istanbul in 2017. Here she is engaged in organic farming using heirloom and provides consultancy on permaculture and herbal farming practices.


You may visit our website for more information on Healing Farm and shopping: www.sifakoyu.com



To serve humanity on the way of light and goodness.