Çengilli Mahallesi, Çengilli Cad. No:7, 34980 Şile/İstanbul

Merve Tüfekçi


The powerful glaring of feminine energy activates the natural law of attraction and heals your life energy with warm, pure love…

How about awakening your feminine energy and increasing your life energy with love by integrating with it?

In this miraculous transformation seminar,
we will work on feminine energy activation together and then you balance your innate masculine and feminine energies, increase your self-confidence and life energy consciously, strengthen your intuition,
learn how to use your life energy more effectively in your private life, social and emotional relationships, and you will open yourself up to holistic happiness.

As you receive the guidance you need to feel more balanced in all aspects of your life, you pave the way for the right partner, job and relationships, and you prepare yourself for a new life where you will feel more peaceful, happy, healthy, natural, lively, creative, whole and positive.

During the seminar, you work with Goddess, God and Angel cards, get the healing energy of crystals, awaken your feminine energy by dancing in the light of healing candles with energy music, and balance your inner strength by meditating.